No content area in page builder

When I attempt to edit a page in the Content builder, all I see is the header and the footer…but no Content. Why would that be?
I’m using Pro 2.55


You could be editing a page that is powered by a special template like the Blog page. Such pages are not editable by the Content Builder.

To be sure, we need to check what that page is so please post the exact URL of the page in question and also give us the WordPress Login URL, Username and Password of your site in a Secure Note



The issue is coming from the script in your Footer Content. The script tag is not closed. I tried closing it and it did fix the builder.

When you’re copying code, please ensure that you’re copying the whole code because the builders are dependent on Javascript so Javascript errors and also broken HTML syntax could cause layout issues.

Hope that helps.

@christian_y, wow Christian - thanks for that. You’re a legend! Thats been broken forever. In fact I had never seen it working… thats why I wasn’t even 100% sure if it WAS broken! Will make life a lot easier for me now! :slight_smile:

In behalf of the team you are always welcome!



The message is withdrawn. I wonder if you need additional help from us?

Thank you.

Hey @christopher.amirian, no, no further help required with this particular issue. thanks v much

Glad to hear that, feel free to write a new ticket if you have further query regarding X, PRO, and Cornerstone.


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