Broken page during edit without saving! Information on SRCset and retina ready images

Hi Guys,

I am a novice and learned the hard way.

Had a long learning curve over the weekend regarding site speed and image specs. And I have written this below for anybody who comes across the same basic site speed problems and retina ready images. I have however also got a home page problem that I actually need the help with hence the post. So please be patient.

I now know that

Worpress, themes and plugins can and do create various size images from your original image in the background that are stored on your server. You have some control over this in settings for wordpress and in my case woocommerce.

You do not have access to the additional images through wordpress in the normal way, you have to be explicit with urls calling the different size image directly instead of the image library.

X Pro theme does not use SRCset but other plugins do like Woocommerce.

WP Retina 2x plugin simply saves the standard worpress and plugin resized images at 2 x their original size and labels them so, i.e “some_image_100x100.jpg” (100x100px thumbnail) is now saved at 200x200px and labeled "some_image_100x100@2x.jpg. it does this for all registered sizes of images on your site. This means if you run the retina plugin, you will have 2 x the total number of images that you had before excluding your original upload (if you have decided you need retina images for everything). So you are doubling your images at twice the size .

X pro has their own way of keeping the site responsive and retina ready but it is based on re scaling and not applying a “correct” sized image so the size overhead will still be there for site speed and loading.

You can use a piece of code to re enable SRCset if you wish but that is at the detriment of how x, pro works under the hood and may have effects that have not been considered. There are other posts on this forum for that. Themeco please fill in any missing blanks for me :slight_smile:

Having got that off my chest and hopefully being of help to someone else as I found this information splintered across forums, here’s the bit I need help with.

My original resent revamp of the home page is fairly image heavy, so I have set about re evaluating individual images and sizes based on their use an implementing this. The editor or me threw a wobbly last night and I chose NOT to save the work.

However it appears the information is there but corrupted as I can see it (after a fashion) directly in wordpress editor but Pro editor is showing that I have no content or sections existing at all.

Can you help me with this please. ( I have reverted the site to the old back up home page so the site is ok) So please follow the url below:-

and screenshot of wordpress

I cannot see how to retreive the page. Any help gratefully received as always.

Thank you


HI Ian,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your site and it seems like your theme is corrupted. Try re-installing your Pro theme and see if this fixes the issue.

If the issue persists then please do the following:


If nothing helps then please get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


Hey Ian,

Our themes do not interfere with WordPress’ SRCSET. I created a test page (draft) in your site and when I checked the source code, it’s using the SRCSET of WordPress. Would you mind providing a screenshot and details of how you’re testing?


Hi Christian,and thank you for coming back to me,

I think you have mis read the article. That was a piece, which I invited Themeco’s input based on reading many of your articles and having a hard time over the weekend with page speed scoring and the idea behind SRCset. There was not a set piece of advise so I wrote that for people to see. I am aware that woocommerce and not surprisingly wordpress use this setting as I stated above, however Pro / X theme does not and you do provide a piece of js I think that turned off your filter for SRCset.

My problem is as per Nabeels reply. I have a page currently called Home_problem. that should be the home page but for what ever reason I abruptly lost all the information in the page while I was editing it. I deliberately asked not to save and quit the page. However as per the screen shots provided, the information is in the page but not accessible and it does not render. Infact Pro page builder does not even think there is a single section in it. That is my problem at the mo and I am asking you how (if) I can get it back. Please re read the above and Nabeels reply. I have gone through the usual motions for conflicts etc. I have left the login details open for the moment.

Many thanks as always for all your help and for taking the time for showing me the details regarding SRCset.

Best regards


Hi All,

Also lost the footer as well which makes me think I have a database problem. To this end I have chosen (rightly or wrongly) to restore from a back up. this I have done (on the surface successfully) and so the original front page and footer have returned.

I will advise if I have any more issues,.

As always thank you for your help.

P.S I have now revoked your login credentials for security reasons as I need to. Many thanks again.

You are most welcome @Supajiggi .
If anything comes up, we are just standing by.

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