Pro Header appearing when not supposed to


I am trying to create a new site whilst I have a holding page up, using Under Construction plugin and a page.

I created a simple header and assigned it to different page than the under construction page but it still appears in the under construction page. I am using the Template Blank No Container No Header

Shows the header at the top, in the Headers section it is not clicked on that page.

Hope this makes sense. Any help much appreciated

Hi @joenineo,

Thanks for reaching out.

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Thank you.

Hey @joenineo,

Thank you for providing the credentials. I checked your setup and the reason this is happening is because you have assigned a header to your homepage and used a custom page setup in under construction extension. Apparently the under construction plugin treats any custom page as front page and thus showing the header you’ve assigned to the homepage.

As a work around I have disabled the custom under construction page and re-designed it through the under construction settings however I tested the similar setup in our beta version and the issue doesn’t seem to be happening so when the latest version gets released this should fix the issue.

Hope this helps!

Perfect thank you. Great support keep up the good work!

Hi @joenineo,

Great that it resolved now.


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