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Hello I have tried to build out the content doc with an ebook and if I add text it does not work. Do you have some way to have text (sign up for a free ebook), plus the image, and a button? Everytime I try this combo it does not work. thanks

Hi @businessbackpacker,

We can achieve that using v2 HEADLINE element.
1.) Add Headline element
2.) Enable Grahic option for the image
3.) Enable subheadline option to add the link
4.) Use flex option to control the structure
5.) There’s control for each settings, try it.

See this sample:

Hope this helps.

Hi - the video you send does not match the interface of Content Doc - these are the only options I see when I am inside the Doc settings -

Can you please explain how to get to the video settings you showed? It is a totally different program.

Hello @businessbackpacker,

Sorry for the confusion. As I understand, you are referring to the Content Dock. You can check out this knowledge base article in order to use this extension.

Once Content Dock is enabled, you will go to Appearance > Widgets and insert a text widget or any subscription widget available and place it in Content Dock widget area.

If you do not have any subscription (Signup for ebook form), you will need to get one from Mailchimp for example. And you can place the form in the Content Dock widget area.

Hope this make sense.

Yes I have done this already but there is not an easy way to control the look of it and also the mailchimp forms are not working. This is why I asked. The first video you sent, what is that - is this something I can use?

Hi @businessbackpacker,

The first video that is sent is the content builder, that is for building a page.

On your case, the Content Dock is a widget so you need an HTML or shortcodes to it.

All the settings you need for Content Dock is right under X > Content Dock.

If you place a form that is created on MailChimp, then style that form on MailChimp end.

Use the Headline shortcode, if you need a headline. an Image shortcode if you need an image, and Button shortcode if you need a button in the Content Dock widget.

If this is still not clear to you, please provide us your site URL and login credentials in a secure note so we can also understand what code did you put on the Content Dock widget.


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