Make dropdown links scroll down page

Is there a way to make the dropdown links take you to a certain part of the page, i basically just want the dropdown in my navigation inline menu to act purely as a “scroller”. I hope this makes sense.

So you click on it and it just scrolls goes halfway down the same page or something (wherever i set it to go)

Hi Jane,

Thank you for writing in, yes that is possible with One Page Navigation, but only apply the ID links on the dropdown menu items, and have the other item as an absolute link or page link.

You can assign an ID to the Section under the Customize tab.

Hope it helps,

I have put the ID link in on the text box, then in my dropdown i have put the #id link but when i click on it it takes me one scroll BELOW where i wanna be and hides the heading, how can i make it go to the right spot?

Hi Jane,

Would you mind providing us the direct page URL where that links are applied? And please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


I think it might be because of my header? not sure, thanks for taking a look!

Hello Jane,

I went ahead and edited your page. The ID “What-is-elder-abuse?” should be added in the section.

It is best that you create 3 sections. For each section, you will have to add the different IDs to be used for your menu.

Hope this make sense.

Hi thank you, that did work for section 1 and 3 but the top of section 2 is still cut off.

Hello Jane,

It did not work because there are two “Legal” IDs. Please keep in mind that an element ID must be unique thus shall be no other elements using the same ID.

I went ahead and edited the page removing the duplicate ID in the h2 tag. The ID must only be in the section.

Check your page now.

Oh thanks for fixing that! That’s weird though because the legal one was working, its the ‘What do I do?’ section in the middle that is still being cut off. i completely redid the section and it still didnt fix it. Also how do I see all the code like you guys do?

Hello Jane,

I went ahead and edited your page. I removed the ? in the section ID and I also removed it in the menu item links.

Please check your page now.

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