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I have embedded a menu script which was provided by our source. I currently have it in a Content Area but have also tried it in a Text Area (V2 and Classic) and a Classic Raw Content box. In all of them, in Cornerstone, it loads the menu twice. When I create a standard Wordpress page and place the provided embed in the standard code editor it works just fine.

Could you please review and share is there is a different way I need to embed this menu to make it view correctly? The link is provided below:



Thank you!

Hi Sheila,

Can you share to us the menu script provided by your source. I would like to test it on my test sites and see if I can replicate the issue. For scripts like this it is best to be added using the Classic Raw Content Element

Or better yet please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note so we can take a closer look.

Hello Paul. Yes, I will provide a secure note and login. Here is the embed code:

<div> <script async="" id="dutchie--embed__script" src="https://www.getdutchie.com/api/v2/embedded-menu/7RRYRa4wGoSfcsJu7.js"></script> </div>

Hey Sheila,

I’ve tested your code and I see it duplicates itself in Cornerstone but it works fine or is not duplicated in the frontend. I’m not sure why it’s duplicated on your end. Please check if you have added it twice.

One thing you also can try is add this cs-hide class to the Classic Raw Content or Content Area element.

Then, add this CSS in the Content CSS section.

[data-cs-zone="cs_content"] .cs-hide {
  display: none;

That will hide the element the element only in Cornerstone.

If that does not help, regretfully, it’s best not to use Cornerstone for this page because your script conflicts with Cornerstone.


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