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I have a footer here At the left I have three social icons and then a text container. Is there a way to force the text element to be under the social icons? (I’ve tried checking ‘wrap children’ on the parent container which didnt seem to have any effect.)

Hi @redleaf,

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Since each one is an element, then the flex styling would be applied to each one instead of a group. And you can’t group selected elements. I recommend adding your social icons through Global Block (to group it). Please check this

Then add that global block to your footer element’s container where the text is. Then inspect the container and change its flex direction to columns instead of row.

Then clear your server and browser cache, and test it again :slight_smile:


Hi Thanks for the info, I’m trying that. However I think I’m finding that the recent issue with headers/footers not saving in WP 5.1 when it has a target-blank in it, is also affecting global blocks even after the newest hot release.

Hey Brett,

Regretfully, the update does not fix the headers and footers that were corrupted already. What it does is it avoids the issue from Pro 2.4.7 onwards. That might be the case with Global Blocks also.

With that said, it would be best that you restore from a working backup of your site, update to Pro 2.4.7 and then update WordPress.

There is a manually way to get them back, but if you are comfortable with editing your database directly.

  1. Backup your site.
  2. Locate the IDs for the headers or footers you are trying to recover. You can do this by opening them in their respective builder. The address bar will include a number which is the ID.
  3. In your wp_posts table, find the row with the ID is equal to your header ID. When you find it you’ll see that the post_type column should be cs_header or cs_footer and you the content is JSON.
  4. Open the post_content field.
  5. Remove any instances of rel=“noopener noreferrer”. This is the string WordPress added. Because it includes quotes it is breaking the JSON.

If the issue’s still happening after you have followed my advice, please give us WordPress Admin and FTP or cPanel access in a Secure Note


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