We've checked the code, but it doesn't appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again

I keep getting the error: “We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.”

I click on Manage Licenses under the Themco logo which takes me to the APEX site where I see my licenses I have purchased slapping me in the face. I even have badges stating how long I’ve been a member and how many Pro licences I have purchased.
I select the license for the website I am trying to rebuild, copy and paste, and get the error over and over.

I had this error a month or so ago and it worked itself out, after many tries. This time, no luck.

The domain is blueape-entertainment.com

I have tried all of the suggestions for people with similar problems, also.

Hi @Stinkfoot69,

Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. In that case, would you mind providing your site’s admin login credentials so we could test it as well?


Typical advice states: “Never give out your login credentials”. No offense, but I don’t know who you are. Why wouldn’t you ask for my proof of purchase?

Hey @Stinkfoot69,

We are Themeco Support and we are here to provide help for product related issues. We asked for WordPress credentials in order for us to check your setup because your site is in under construction mode so there’s no way to check your setup.

We can’t login to your site using a proof of purchase and being a member here in Apex Forum means that you already are a customer so that’s a proof of your purchase.

Since we can’t check your site, we’ll try guessing what the issue is.

The error talks about Cornerstone which should not be happening in your site if you already have converted to Pro. By conversion, I mean deleting X theme and activating Pro. Doing so would automatically uninstall Cornerstone.

If Cornerstone is still active in your site, that means that you have probably uninstalled X but have not activated Cornerstone yet and you’re trying to validate via WP Admin > Cornerstone.

Please ensure that X and Cornerstone are removed from your site and then activate Pro.

If that does not resolve the issue, we really need you to give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Admin Username and Password in a Secure Note. Don’t worry, we will not touch anything in your site. We’re just going to check your setup. You can change the password once the issue’s resolved.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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