Headline text effect issue

I am having an issue with my headline text effect on mobile phone

As you can see here:

Hello Kate,

Thanks for writing in!

Please also set the effects in the above before the Interaction and the Scroll option so that when the page loads, the default effects will be triggered.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi Ruenel,

Sorry… I didn’t fully understand you, what exactly should I do?

Is this what we’re u talking about? - https://prnt.sc/22rmrs0

Hey Kate,

Sorry for the confusion. I saved your page as a template and loaded it on my test site and the effects are triggered without scrolling.

The issue only is happening on your site so there is something conflicting with the effects on your end. I’m sorry if this will take some time but we need you to do some troubleshooting steps to isolate what’s causing the issue on your site. Please do the following.

  1. Testing For Plugin Conflict
  2. Child Theme
  3. Css/Js Customization
  4. Disabling Cache and Optimizations

Remember that troubleshooting is best done on a staging copy of your live site.

Only if none of the troubleshooting steps make the effects work, please give us access to your staging site. Give us the following info in a Secure Note.

  • Staging WordPress Login URL
  • Admin username and password


Hi Chris,

I think the issue could be with “WP Rocket”.

Since maybe the “pre-load” font is active… or?

I really don’t know what to do

Hello Katarina,

Since you are still building the site, temporarily deactivate the WP Rocket or any other caching plugin. Most of the time, these plugins will prevent you from seeing the latest changes you’ve made. You can turn ON when you are finished building the site and ready to go live.

Best Regards.

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