Portfolio - Breadcrumb missing on Individual Pages

Running WordPress 5.4.2
Pro 3.2.3

Hi staff,
I am working on a Portfolio site and am having issues trying to get the Pro Header and Breadcrumbs to work and look correct on individual pages.

Work done to date:

  • Edited PHP page “Function” and added Shortcode [awesome_landmark] to the Pro Header

Issue 1 - I added [awesome_landmark] to the Pro Header and the individual pages shows a Default Post Header (so naturally I tried to customize it in Pro)

When I customize the Pro Header and choose “Make Global” - “All Portfolio” the breadcrumbs disappear from individual pages. (if I turn “Make Global” off it comes back).

What am I missing? Is there a way to override this so it I can have a custom header and breadcrumb navigation show up on individual pages.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Instead of the shortcode, I’d suggest you to use the Breadcrumbs element in Header builder and then make it Global. To learn how to use Breadcrumbs element please visit https://theme.co/docs/breadcrumbs

Hope this helps!

Great, thanks nabeel. I was able to add the Breadcrumbs into the header. There are a few items missing from the Demo-Integrity version here. I don’t see any forward or back arrows, how can I add these in to my header?

For reference – the original demo I loaded was from this example:

Hello Jeff,

I am sorry to say that there are no navigation options in breadcrumb element.

To achieve your requirement first of all unassign Global header.
Now assign the Pro builder header to all pages expect portfolio.
By this method the Pro builder header show on selected pages.

Now the Default header will assign to portfolio pages with navigations.
It will be shown breadcrumbs with navigation in portfolio pages.

Please check screenshots.


Or If you want to use in Pro Custom header you need to utilize a dynamic content shortcode then add a button after that you can link them to next or previous posts links
Please have look at our doc regarding dynamic content https://theme.co/docs/work-with-dynamic-content


Thank you Prakash, I decided to implement your second option using the Pro Custom Header and shortcode.

When I link Prev/Next {{dc:post:permalink post=“prev”}} and {{dc:post:permalink post=“next”}} it seems to get stuck on a couple of the Posts and wont go to the next page.

Any ideas why?

Hey @designheavy,

The dynamic contents {{dc:post:permalink post=“prev”}} and {{dc:post:permalink post=“next”}} will only work on posts. Your custom header must be assigned to “All Posts” or “All Portfolios” only. To better assist you with this issue, kindly provide us your log details so we can check your custom header. In your next reply, kindly include your WP details like the following:

  • WP login URL
  • WP username
  • WP password

To know how you can create a secure note, please check out this article on how to get support: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

Thanks Ruenel, the secure note info is in the first post above.

It makes sense that the links only work with Posts, is there also one that will work with the Portfolio pages? I’m just trying to get the prev/next arrows working correctly like in the demo. It also scrolls thru all categories rather than keeping to just the one your in. Maybe this is just the way it works.

Hello @designheavy,

I have checked the header with your custom next and previous links in it. It works as it is intended to be. You can click next and previous post. If you are on the last single post item or last single portfolio item, the link with be linked to the same post or portfolio itself.

You can check out the demo here wherein the next and previous links only appears in either single post or single portfolio item. You can check it here:

For category archive pages, there will be NO next and previous. It is only pagination links.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ruenel, thanks for taking a look at the header and sending those links. Much appreciated to all the staff for their help on this one. Take care.

You are most welcome @designheavy!

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