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I am trying to create a gallery with the Classic Editor and followed the instructions on this link but the problem is, there is no “Create Gallery link at the left corner of the media dialog”. I think this link should be updated since it‘s not there. Was this replaced by “Add new item?” It doesn’t refer to a “new gallery” so it’s very confusing. I ended up using the Block Editor instead.

Then I looked at the top menu and saw “Portfolio item”…is this the replacement for “Create Gallery?” I see the Envira Gallery option right underneath it. Should I use the Envira Gallery instead? Are there more options with Envira Gallery?


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You can have the Create Gallery Option in the left bar of Media Popup once you click to the Add Media button of Classic Editor.

You can still use the Block Editor’s Gallery element for the same purpose.
If you are looking for the Portfolio Gallery items, the following video may help you with that case.

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What is the difference between using this gallery and Envira Gallery? Is Envira Gallery better?

Hi Grace,

Here Gallery is referred to as the WordPress default gallery and Envira Gallery is an extension that comes with our theme.
Through which you can create Gallery and many page content.

To know more about Envira Gallery and how you can utilize, please go through this article.

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Hi tristup. I am not seeing the Create Gallery option in Classic. See the attached screenshot but I can do it in Gutenberg.
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 6.12.00 PM|690x357

Are there more options with Envira Gallery? I want to create a grid format with the images being 200px each then they can click on the image and go to the specific page with that job. Can I do that in Envira Gallery?

Hello @designerwriter,

There should be a Create Gallery in the default WP editor as soon as you click the Add Media button as shown by @Tristup. To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
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That’s ok ruenel I figured out what the issue was. I was in the Media section not on the post page! That’s why I couldn’t see the Create Gallery option in the sidebar. My question is, when do I use the Pro Portfolio option if I am using the WP Gallery? What if I want to use the Envira Gallery instead?

Hi @designerwriter,

In that case, you need to create your gallery in the Envira Gallery dashboard.

Envira Gallery

Then you used the Envira Gallery shortcode for adding your gallery to your post, page, or portfolios. If you’re using the Content Builder / Cornerstone for creating your page, you can place the gallery using the Classic Envira Gallery Element instead.


Is the Portfolio option only if you’re using the WordPress gallery? What is the Classic Envira Gallery Element friech? Is it in the link you provided Envira Gallery? I like the idea of placing a shortcode on a post page. Is Envira Gallery totally compatible with Pro and that’s why I don’t need Portfolio? If I am not using Portfolio can I use a page instead of a post or does it have to be a post with a gallery?

Hi @designerwriter,

Please don’t think too much of this Classic Envira Gallery Element. This is only a simple element on Cornerstone that lets you put your gallery (created in Envira) easily to your page. You can use Envira shortcode if you’re not using Cornerstone to edit your page or post.


Since you’re going to create your gallery on the Envira, you can place that either on a post or on a page.

Definitely, you need to use Envira Gallery.

Since you’re new with the Envira Gallery, I recommend that you take some time to look at its documentation.

Envira Gallery Documentation
How to Create a Gallery in WordPress

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I am really glad that I asked these questions in case other people want to know the difference! Thank you friech. I appreciate your help. I will get back to this tomorrow evening. Keep this thread open in case I have other questions in the next 2 days. Thanks!

You’re welcome!
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