Validation not activating

Hi, I am getting continual frustrated with the validation process. I have used this theme for several years on multiple websites and each time the process changes and rarely works first time.

Can you please advise on how I can validate my theme.

Hi @petecaine,

Thanks for reaching out.
To validate your theme, you should use the Item Purchase Code for the X theme purchased from Envato or the License key for Pro into X/Pro > Validation.

To get more information on the product validation process, please go through this article:


I have bought a license but the validation screen is not the same as it has been previously. When I input the code and hit enter the page goes to …/wp-admin/admin.php? and does not go any further. I installed the theme last week on a different site and didn’t a problem but the validation screen was different.

Hi @petecaine,

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Thank you.

Hi @petecaine,

Your website is now fully validated, the reason why the layout is not the same as what my colleague shows to you is that you have an old version of Cornerstone that doesn’t compatible with the current version of your X theme 7.1,2. I remove the old Cornerstone plugin and install the new one that, that is compatible with your X theme version 7.1.2.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

thank you.

Hi @petecaine,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

Hi there, I think I may be experiencing the same problem. I’m running the X theme on my website (version 4.6.4) and cornerstone (version 1.3.3). I’ve been trying to update by validating my license, but every time I add the purchase code and hit ‘enter’, nothing happens. I’ve made sure the purchase code I’ve been entering is the one assigned to the domain I’m working on, but it still doesn’t work.

Can you please help?

Hi @Monomanual

As you are using a much older version of the theme, please update it to the stable version of X i.e 7.2.3 and Cornerstone to 4.2.3 then try to validate once again. Please let us know if the issue still exists after the update.
Please find the article on how you can update the theme here:


Hi @tristup, I’ve read through the link you sent me, and I got as far as activating another theme. However, when I try to delete the X theme by clicking it, no new window pops up from where I can delete the theme. My wordpress backend has been malfunctioning for about a month now, and I’ve been wondering whether the old version of x or maybe cornerstone might have something to do with it, but I can’t delete the theme. Next, I’ve tried uploading the new version of the theme which I’d downloaded form my themeco dashboard, but I can’t upload any new themes either. It seems Wordpress is not working properly. Is this because of an incompatibility with the latest Wordpress version and the old x theme/cornerstone? When I activate the twenty nineteen theme, it doesn’t fix the wordpress backend issues. How can I work around this?

Hi @Monomanual,

I went into your dashboard and activated the default theme, and found the Delete option while clicked into the X theme. Please deactivate the X theme once again and then delete and follow the steps explained before.

Hope it helps.

Hi @tristup, thank you. I had to deactivate the old version of the cornerstone plugin because it was creating conflicts with the latest version of Wordpress. After deactivating cornerstone, Wordpress functioned normally again and I was indeed able to update theme X. Thanks!

Glad to hear that, @Monomanual

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