Adding Preset Dialog Not Visible to Confirm

Since the latest update (Wordpress/Pro/Cornerstone - I am not sure which) When I am composing a page with the controls fixed (or floating) on the left, I cannot see the confirmation dialog for adding a preset. It is hidden beneath the window so I cannot see the “Yes Apply” button… This does not happen if I put the controls on the bottom. Of interest, when I put the controls on the bottom, both buttons in the Preset Confirmation Dialog say “Yes Apply”. Is this a known bug. It is happening on all of my installations.


Hello Jim,

Thanks for writing in!

I am confused with the issue and I do not have a clear understanding on the controls that you’ve mentioned. Are you referring to this one?

Could you please provide a screenshot or allow us to login to your site and clarify the issue further?

Thank you in advance.

Sorry for the confusion. Yes it is that control. I have included a screenshot. Notice that the “Apply” confirmation dialog is behind the window. This does not happen when the controls are placed on the bottom of the screen.


Hey Jim,

I’m sorry but I couldn’t replicate that stacking issue. What I do get the other issue you described so I’ll post this in our issue tracker.

Would you mind giving us WordPress Admin access so we could experience that issue? Please give us access in a Secure Note.


I will share the information - I have just noticed that it is only happening in Safari (on all of my sites)

Hi Jim,

I was able to replicate this issue in safari browser.

I will forward this to our web development team for review.


Thanks Jim! We’ve fixed this in Safari for the next release.

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