Another Firefox user cannot access Cornerstone

Running fully updated browser, Pro theme, PHP. Cannot access anything but Cornerstone settings when in Firefox. Have to switch to another browser to access the editor. All I see is the circle of death.

I’ve read the other forum topics on this, but cannot find a resolution other than re-naming the php.ini file, but I don’t have a php.ini file on this site. Sorry if this is redundant but I would like to find a fix as Firefox is my default browser.

Hello @jsankephd,

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In most case, a while loading WP admin page could be a fatal error or a PHP memory exhaustion. Please check out and troubleshoot the most common issues:

To better assist you with your issue, please provide us your WP access so that we can log in to your site using a Firefox browser and investigate. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

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Have left you a secure note with said info. Will start checking the common issues you list.

Hello @jsankephd,

It seems that it is an issue of cache issue I would suggest you please disable the SiteGround Optimizer plugin and then check it again. I checked your site on the Firefox browser after disabling the plugin and it works fine on my end.


I cleared the cache, deactivated SG Optimizer, cleared browser cache and still get the circle of death here. Will try to troubleshoot further with someone here to see what the browser issue is.

Hello @jsankephd,

I have checked your site on the Firefox 97.0.1 version. Can you please let us know the version of your browser? Please make sure you have not installed any browser extension.


That is the version I have. There are a few extensions. LIsted in the image attached.

I should add that none of these extensions have been added recently. And I had not had this issue when running X with Cornerstone on another theme prior to when Cornerstone was added to Pro, just as a point of info.

Hello @jsankephd,

I have checked your site in my Firefox browser. I did not encounter any issues at all.

See the secure note for my screenshots.

One thing to note with my test, I do not have any Firefox extensions. This could mean that one of your Firefox extensions could be causing an issue. Here what I suggest, temporarily deactivate your Firefox extensions one by one to pinpoint which extension could be causing the issue. I also recommend that you use private browsing mode in your Firefox and test your site again.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

I disabled each extension one by one to no avail. But when I opened it in a private window, it showed up completely. I have no idea why it must be in a private window now, but it works.

Hello @jsankephd,

I am not sure why it is happening on your end. We are just glad that your site finally works in your Firefox browser. Thank you for letting us know.


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