All Background Images Missing

We updated the latest version of Cornerstone, and it appears that all content areas that have background images are now missing.

The area on the website is there, but no background images appear. The background image box does show the thumbnail of the image, but nothing displays.

Anyone else having this issue?

And, not sure if related or not, but all the Buttons don’t display other than the outline. No text, no colors, etc. The links work but nothing else displays.


Hey Grant,

I checked your site that you assigned to your license and I can see the background images.

Would first mind testing if the issue is really coming from Cornerstone and not by third-party factors like caching? Please do the following troubleshooting actions if applicable.

  1. Ensure everything is up to date according to our version compatibility list at Please follow the best practices when updating your theme and plugins. See for more details.

  2. If you’re using a caching plugin, clear all caches then temporarily deactivate your caching plugin and other optimization plugins. Also, clear your browser’s cache.

  3. If you’re using a CDN, please clear the CDN’s cache and temporarily disable optimization services.

  4. Test for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

  5. If you’re using a child theme, please switch to the parent theme to quickly test if custom codes in the child theme is causing the issue.

If doing all that doesn’t help, please give us the following in a Secure Note:

  • The URL of the page having the issue.
  • Screenshot of the area with issue.
  • WordPress Login URL, Admin Username and Password


Thanks Christian. I think we found the issue. After updating cornerstone, we went back to check and noticed there was an update for X. Missed that I guess.

After updating to the latest version of X, everything appears to be working correctly.

Thanks for all your help.

You’re always welcome. Glad this is now sorted out.

Please check our chagelog for the update information.


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