Full width layout on some pages

Hi, we use integrity and the content is boxed. Is it possible to define per css that a picture should be stretched to whole screen?

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Hi @thegator,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To make the sections full width, go to it’s row settings and turn off the Inner Container (see screenshots)

Let us know how this goes!

Hi, thanks. It was Inner Container OFF. But the picture stays inside the main container. I send you two screenshots of the settings of the page and the theme options (Layout and design).

Hello @thegator,

Your page is not truly fullwidth because you are using Layout - Fullwidth page template. This layout is limited fullwidth with a container on it. You are supposed to use Blank - No Container| Header, Footer page template.

Please edit your page and in the Page editing screen, change the page template to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer.
You can find it in the Page Attribute meta box:

And if you are editing in Cornerstone, find the Gear icon so that you can get to the Page Settings.

To know more about the different page templates in the theme, please check this out:

Please let us know if this works out for you.

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Yes. That was exactly the problem. Thx for helping.

You’re welcome!

I have a similar issue. However I don’t have the Blank - No Container | Header, Footer template available. Or any of the others. Do you know what I might have done wrong with the installation or how I can get the templates in?

Hi @StrategixMarketing,

Please update your theme and cornerstone to latest versions.

X 6.5.5, Cornerstone 3.5.4

If updating doesn’t help, please create a new topic and provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


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