Flex Settings—logged-in vs logged-out

We are running into an issue with the flexbox display settings. Our pages display correctly in the Cornerstone editor and if a user is logged-in. However, when the page is viewed by normal users the display is completely off (no flex/grid settings working). I’ve watched the videos but can’t figure out which setting i’m missing…or why this would only work when logged-in.

Plugins are up to date, theme is up to date.

Hi @speckledjay,

Thank you for writing in, most commonly (but not limited) that issue is caused by a broke HTML markup or a CSS syntax error somewhere on your Theme Options, Page > CSS, or Element CSS.

Please check all your custom HTML markup and make sure all tags are written correctly and properly closed.
For the custom CSS, please check all those mentioned custom CSS areas above and check your CSS for syntax error and address it, you can use this tool for checking CSS.

Also, please make sure that your Wordpress version is updated to date 5.2.4 and CLEAR all your caching plugins/features (if any).

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

Let us know how it goes,

Thank you for the help! we noticed that two styles were not loading in the css
.x-col and .x-row-inner

A lot of flushing (manual purging) of the CDN and things now seem to be running.

You’re always welcome @speckledjay! Glad this is now sorted out.

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