Classic card element doesn't work

As you can see, this is perfectly running on the constructor:

However, when you see the page, this is whats it shows:

Why is this happening? How can I fix it?


Hey Enrique,

Thanks for writing in. It looks like the builder didn’t save. This could be due to version incompatibility between mismatched version of X and Cornerstone. Please ensure that everything is up to date according to our version compatibility list at Please follow the best practices when updating your theme and plugins. See for more details.

If that doesn’t help, please give us the following information in a Secure Note

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password


After updating cornerstone, classic card still not working and look even worse.

I’ll send secure note.

oh, it’s suddenly fixed! Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
It’s nice to know that it is fixed now.

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