Subfolder WP is not getting validated like before

X Theme stopped getting validated that was successfully working on my WP site installed in sub-folder. Kindly let me validate it. This msg coming :-

Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account.

This is the website where I am having issue.


Hi Sansar,

Thanks for reaching out.

There’s an issue with our validation system. Please try validating again your website. If it doesn’t work still after that, please try the solutions given in License Troubleshooting article here

Only if none of those help, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you

Hi I sent you credentials in secure note, kindly go through that.

Hi Sansar,
Thanks for reaching out.

Our licensing system needs the exact URL of the location where you are trying to validate it. So if you want to validate it, please change the location to the exact URL.



Why so? It is validated in my all subfolders where WPs are installed except

May I know reason? Earlier everything was approved? Now what change in policy?

Hello Sansar,

“Automatic updates of X, Pro & Cornerstone are made available to verified customers only through your Themeco account and licensing system. Automatic updates can only be used on domains where a unique and valid purchase of the software was made and subsequently verified.”

This is in our policy and the reason why you should be validating the exact location of your site.

Best Regards.

Dear @ruenel

I am a valid purchaser since two years. I think you guys are unable to understand my problem.

Earlier License was successfully validated in my main domain ( and all other subfolders where wordpress were installed.
and many more

It is still successfully validated in my main domain and all other subfolders
except this one >>> of which i have provided you credentials.

Kindly check why it is not working. And why this sudden change? And where this new concept of exact location of url appeared after two years of my purchase that you’re talking about?

Hello Sansar,

Yes, we do understand your issue. In the past, it may allow you to validate the main domain, with the latest change in our policy, you can no longer validate the way it used to work. You are trying to validate a site that is not assigned in your license code. It is in our policy that only the sites assigned to the license code can be validated. Yes, I said sites because you can assign two sites for one license code; that is for the live production site and the staging site URL.

See the secure note.

If you’re going to validate the site, you can assign it as your staging URL instead.

Hope this explains your issue clearly.

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