Pro 4.0.8 totally unusable

I cannot do anything to update or add pages.
Pages will freeze, Elements do not show properly and become uneditable. The site then crashes and I have to wait for everything to come back on-line again.

I have the latest version of Pro installed, PHP 7.3, WP 5.6 and caches have been cleared.

This is a serious problem, is there anyway to roll back to a previous version of Pro?

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for reaching out.

We’re sorry that you are experiencing this kind of issue but I would suggest that we will fix your current issue rather than reverting your Pro version to the old one.

I recommend the following troubleshooting procedures before we investigate the settings.


Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.


  1. I’ve changed Theme to TwentySeventeen and website functions but obviously I lose the ability to edit with the Pro page builder which is where the problem is.
  2. Disabled all plugins, created a new blank page and saved it. Added a Headline section and the text is now visible. Added an image container below it but cannot view any images from the media library. Also the page keeps failing to Save.

Hello Kiran,

The given password is incorrect. Please double-check it so we can log in and investigate your issue further.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, my apologies.

It should be working now.

Hi Kiran,

The credentials worked this time, but unfortunately, the site is not accessible. Can you please check and let us know once it ready to access.


The site should be accessible now.
You may have tried to access it shortly after It froze on me after I tried the 4.0.9 update.

Hey Kiran,

I tested few of your pages in content builder and I was able to edit all of them without an issue, I also checked browser’s console and there were no errors however in the middle of testing your website stopped working and crashed (see screenshot)

This could indicate memory issue, try increasing PHP Memory Limit (see

Your site is not reachable at the moment, when it’s back online, please try the above suggestion and I’d also suggest to keep the plugins disabled while testing.

Let us know how this goes!

Hi, Thank you for your help.

I have spoken to my web host to see if they can spot any problems and they have increased the execution time in PHP ini. to try and eliminate the timeout error.
I have also increased the memory limit to 512M.
However none of this has helped resolve the problem.

I have disabled all plugins and returned to a default Wordpress Theme where I am able to edit the Test page that you created, I was able to add an image and some random text and it saved without any problems.

I changed the Theme back to Pro and tried to edit a page and I still get freezes, i’m unable to add text or access the media library. I have tried this through Safari and Chrome and also using a 4G connection to eliminate any issues with my network.

Please can you advise what to do next.

Hello Kiran,

Is your server down? When I log in and checked your site for further investigation, I am seeing this.

See the secure note.

Kindly check this out with your hosting provider.

The new update has issues. I think Team Themeco should examine the new update.

Install the former version. I mean downgrade the theme let’s see…

Hello @Mrbiizy,

Do you experience the same issues as well? At this time we kindly ask that you open up your issue in a separate thread. The longer threads get in the forum, they become more difficult to support as they tend to drift off-topic and they also make it troublesome for users trying to search for solutions. Keeping threads relevant to their original inquiry ensures that we can keep better track of what has been resolved and that users can more effectively find answers to similar issues they might be experiencing.

Thank you in advance.

Oh, I had similar issue on my localhost. Sorry about that.

It should be okay now.
This is one of the consequences of using the new Theme.
Every time I try to make an edit, it crashes my website and takes 20-30 mins for it to return to normal.
It doesn’t happen with any other Theme.

Hey Kiran,


What you described could be a CPU usage limit issue. Do you have many editors in your site using the builder at the same time. That could be the cause especially if you’re in a shared web hosting environment.

If that is not the case, there could be another activity running in your host that could trigger high CPU usage. Please check the CPU usage with your web host.

Aside from that, please also provide us with cPanel or FTP access. Ask your web host for this if you’re not familiar.


I am pasting the content of the PHPini file below.
Are there any values that would conflict with the PRO theme?

allow_url_fopen = Off
allow_url_include = Off
display_errors = Off
enable_dl = Off
file_uploads = On
max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 1000
max_input_vars = 1000
memory_limit = 512M
post_max_size = 100M
session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440
session.save_path = “/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73”
upload_max_filesize = 100M
zlib.output_compression = Off


Hi Kiran,

The following environment variable values need to set as below to avoid any issues while calling the theme endpoints.


You may need to increase the value of max_execution_time, max_input_time, max_input_vars, memory_limit, post_max_size based on situation and issue.

Hope it helps.


Unfortunately this is still not working.

Over the past few days I have edited the PHPini file and liaised with my web hosting Co who have also added modsecurity exceptions and they have also tried to create & edit pages to no avail.

I have tried several times over the week to create blank pages and edit them but they freeze the site. I am not able to edit existing pages and I have noticed that my footer has disappeared since the update.

I am not sure what to do now, I have wasted a week when I had hoped to have been updating my site.

Hi Kiran,

I have checked your site again and found the Content Builder is loading with the content. The content is also editable and working properly, even while creating a new page. Can you please check once by clearing all types of cache, and please copy your live site to a staging server so we could troubleshoot freely without breaking your live site.
And give us access in the secure note including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.