Not able to change background image under Theme Options

I have installed the Band theme from Design Cloud, and the first thing to change was the background image. I have selected my new image and inserted it in Theme Options>Layout & Design>Background Image. When I save changes, the original image remains (a band on stage with color-changing lasers).
I have tried refreshing the page, clearing browser cache, disabling all plugins, and making sure my Pro software is up-to-date.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @bcapshaw,

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Thank you.

Hello @bcapshaw,

Thanks for providing the information. If you are going to change the background, it can only be done on the page. Please edit the home page in Pro Editor and then find the Page Settings.

Or if you are in the default Page Editing screen, find the Page Settings:

For more details about the Page Settings, kindly check this out:

Best Regards.

Thank you so much! I knew it must be something simple, that I was missing.


You’re welcome Brian!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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