Menu and Slider problem - Upgrading to Pro

Good morning,
I just updated from X theme to Pro on

The upgrade and validation worked but it made the menu crazy big and the revo slider now doesnt not adhere to the box limitations. It goes all the way across the page. I re0-activated for now the old theme and alos had to disable the slider as it shows full width.

Please help
Thanks. Ralph

Hi Ralph,

Is there a chance that you can setup a staging site then do the upgrade and enable Pro and give us the access to the staging site so that we can check it?

Here are some search results on how to setup a staging site:

In case you are not certain how to proceed, you might want to check with your web host and ask them if they can help you with the staging site.

Once the staging site is setup please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Yes sure I can do that this afternoon and give you access. That would be great!

Hi Ralphmyes,

When upgrading the PRO did you do the following? If not, please do so.

  • Deactivate the Cornerstone (because it causes conflict with Pro)
  • Clear all your caching features and plugins (to make sure the site uses the latest resources and not a cached version) (After updating – Make sure to clear all caches)
  • Make sure your Slider Revolution is version 6.2.2 because that is the latest support version.
    Updating Extensions


I have eliminated Cornerstone. The problem with the menu is just readjusting the size in the theme options. So that I have figured out. However the revolution slider is still huge. on front page

What do you think about that one? I have version 6.2.2

Also noticed that my sidebars have dissapeared with the upgrade also on the internal pages

Thanks. Ralph

Hi Ralph,

It seems that for some reason the Theme Options are gone while you tried to convert to Pro. I suggest that you go to the X theme version and access X > Validation and export the Theme Options:

Then go to your Pro installation and import them in Pro > Validation menu.

That should fix the abnormalities that you see when it comes to the menus or sidebar.

I am not sure about the Revolution Slider. Unfortunately, the given link is not working for me as it needs login information. Would you please kindly get back to us with an admin login information of the dev website using a Secure Note to follow up?

Thank you.

Good morning Christopher,
I was able to figure out the sidebar issue and reconfigure the sidebars. (phew!)

The problem with the revolution slider still exists and the login to the dev site is below.

Also I would like to know what you recommend to speed up the X theme. When I run page speed tests it always come sup with slow speed on mobile. Especially recommends eliminate render blocking. Any thoughts?

Thanks Ralph

Hello @Ralphmyes,

Regretfully the given credentials is not working for us. It seems that the username is incorrect.

For the meantime, please check your slider layout setting. Make sure that it is set to “auto”.

Hope this helps.

No need it WORKED! Back to normal…

Just wondered about x theme speed. Any tips on how to speed up the theme and eliminate render blocking?

Thanks again great work. Ralph

Hi @Ralphmyes,

Eliminate render-blocking can be resolve by minifying JS and CSS,

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking CSS

Please see the following documentation on How to Improve Site Performance.

We also have a Performance Tips video series on our YouTube Channel.

Hope it helps,

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