Cornerstone not working on MacBook

Afte updates to Cornerstone and X theme, Conterstone will not load on my Mac. It works on my Android phone, but Cornerstone won’t load in Safari.

Hello Stephanie,

I tried loading a page in Cornerstone on a Mac’s Safari and it is loading without any issue.

Do you happen to be using some caching plugin or anything that minifies the JS codes on the site? If so, kindly make sure to clear all the site’s cache then check again.

If the issue persists on your end, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Im not using a caching plugin and I haven’t added anything that would minify the JS code. I also cleared the cache at the beginning to troubleshoot, but it did not help.

Hi Stephanie,

I have checked your site and you have updated Cornerstone to the latest version which is 4.0.4 but X was not updated.

This causes an incompatibility issue which might be the cause of the problem you have right now loading Cornerstone.

So kindly make sure to update X as well then clear your site’s cache.

Hope this helps.

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