Responsive Design by high Resolution and Browser Scaling

Hello… My English is not very good, but I hope you can understand.

I have a little Problem with my responsive Design of my Site :

The responsive Options in Cornerstone depend solely on the Screen resolution. Correct?

But any Users have maybe a high resolution, but a 120 – 150 Percent View in the Browser. And than my Portfolio - Gallerys are not in the Middle…. The self Problem I have on iPad. The Ipad has a high resolution but also a 150 Percent View (estimated).

It is possible, that my Gallerys on my Portfolio ( Slider Revolution on Desktop-View) are always in the middle and the self size ?

Regardless of whether 100 or 150 Percent View, or iPad

Wich Approaches it gives? Gaps with Percent? ? Browser-Scaling deactivate?

Thanks for Helps……

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for reaching out.

Layout responsiveness is indeed based on resolution, but I checked and this is cornerstone breakpoints related. It’s just that the grid layout ignores its container and force its width to 100%.

For example, on this layout, the content itself is correctly placed,

But the grid itself is forcing it ignoring its parent container’s dimension, you can see the class esg-container-fullscreen-forcer is applied

What I can recommend is disabling the full screen option of your grid like on this screenshot


What I don’t understand is the 120% - 150%, is it zoom feature related? Please provide some screenshots so we can identify and reproduce the issues.


Hello… thanks for an answer but I did not mean my startpage, rather my portfolios. On 100 Percent View the slider is in the middle of the screen, but on 150 percent or an Retina-Screen the slider ist on the lower edge of the screen:
100 Prozent view:

150 Percent:

and iPad/ Retina something like that:

I would like that:

Hello Dirk,

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