Crafty overlapping column content

Hi there, I’ve started playing around with the Crafty template and I really like it. But I can’t figure out how to replicate the effect on a lot of the pages where content in columns breaks out and overlaps other content.

For instance the top headline on the homepage overlapping the image, or the same image overflowing to the right out of the bounds of the column. Similar effect appears on the top of the about and contact page.

How is this done? Thanks!

Hi @jasoncoburn,

Thanks for writing to us.

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Hi there, thanks for your reply. I’m developing on a local site, so I can’t provide those details. Surely you don’t need to access my site for this, I’m just asking how an effect was achieved in one of the templates?

Hello @jasoncoburn,

You can save the page as a template and you can reuse it on your other page. Kindly check out this documentation to know more about saving the template:

You may also want to learn more about how you can overlap the columns. Please check out our video tutorials:

Hope this helps.

It seems to be a combination of one of the techniques from those vides plus some additional css attached to the section. Have a pretty good idea now anyways, thanks for your help!

Hi @jasoncoburn,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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