Ethos filterable index not working as expected

Hi guys,

I tried for several hours now to get the Ethos filterable index working like expected.
(You’ll find the htaccess-login in secure note.)
Please see here on our staging site:

  1. When loading the blog page it is loading 10 (setting the number in WordPress I know) posts from the first category (ASC) called “Aktionen und Gewinnspiele”. Normally you should expect it to default to 10 posts from all categories just like your build-in “All” does. I’ve seem some other people mentioning this. If this is the way you build the filter - ok, not meaningful. Any way to change this behavior and to have the filter default to build-in “All” on page load?

Now to the part that really seems to me like a bug or user-error by myself… I absolutely don’t get this:

  1. The most recent post I’ve made is this one in the category called “Blog”. You’ll see it when you click on “Blog” in the filter. BUT it’s not shown when clicking on the build-in “All”?! I really don’t get why not? “All” is supposed to show the -in our case- 10 most recent posts of all categories. This is working like a charm except for this new blog post.

Please send help like you always do - thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for writing in and sorry that you’re having that issue. for 1) yes that is how it behaves. But you can add this to the Theme Options > JS, to make it default to “All”.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
	$("a[data-category-id='0'], .x-index-filters").trigger('click');
  1. That one is weird, can you confirm that recent post you made is published? And that post seems to be empty, can you try adding some content on it.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


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I added content - nothing changed. Please see login in secure note.

Hi Alexander,

It’s only normal for the filterable index to display the list of first of category filter, and it’s not the All. But once clicked the All, it should display them. Example

And it works as expected.

Would you mind providing a screenshot of what you’re getting? Perhaps it’s a different new post?


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thanks for the JS-solution for 1). Works fine!

  1. Sorry, you’re totally right. I haven’t noticed that the posts are grouped there by ASC category name. And so I was searching for the post on top.

Just one more questions: We applied the code provided here by your staff to show the categories in filter right in the order we set up under Theme Options. Working perfect! But when clicking “All” it defaults back to the ASC by title order and so starts to show the 10 recent posts from “Aktuelle TrendBox” and not “Blog”. Can you tell us how to set them to relate to the same order as the filter?

Hi Alexander,

As stated on the other thread the code provided is simply a guide and to give you something to start with, if you need further customization you will need to do it yourself or consult a developer. Regretfully, this particular customization request is outside the scope of our support.

If you need a flexible posts grid, you might want to utilize the Essential Grid instead.

Essential Grid Basics Part 1: Grid Source
Essential Grid Basics Part 2: Layout Options
Essential Grid Basics Part 3: Media Source

Thank you for your understanding.

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