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I’m trying to set up a Google Analytics Event Tracker on several buttons on my site. I’ve tried changing the Class and ID, but that is not being translated to GA.

I’ve looked through the forums and seen there are several posts on the same topic.

I tried using a Classic Button and that did work, but I need more control over the style. !

GTM is catching both the container or text depending on where you click.
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.16.57 PM|690x124

Am I missing something?

Hello @jmccarley,

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Hello Again,

I have logged in and inspected your site, What plugin did you use for your Google Analytics? I could not find any active plugin related to the Google Analytics. Though Site Kit by Google plugin is active, it is not being setup just yet. You still need to follow through steps and needs to login to your account.


It is active through GTM because I have several subdomains. When I activate it through Site Kit, it doubles the Analytics tag.

Hey @jmccarley,

I’m sorry but we cannot solve that double analytics tag issue as that is not caused by our theme.

Let’s go back to your original problem in your first post.

You are having the same problem as the users in the following threads. Please read the explanation why the Classic Button is tracked while the V2 Button is not.

In summary, this boils to understanding the structure of an element to use GTM effectively. The rest would rely on the user’s knowledge of GTM.

Hope that helps.

Hi @christian,
First, I do not have a double tag issue. There is not Google Analytics issue to speak of, other than Pro Theme does not pass Classes & ID’s through to GTM. Which is an industry-standard.

I referred to the documents you attached. This is very frustrating. I would like to assign a single class or ID to a series of Buttons to track ONE event. I’m going to have to set up multiple variables because each button has different text!

I use dynamic content to load the text in each button.

Hey @jmccarley,

Firstly, I believe you haven’t visited the links to the other threads I posted previously? Please read the content of those threads. It was detailed in there that you need to set up GTM in a way that it will track the elements that you need. By element, I mean HTML element and not builder elements.


You mentioned about the double tag before I answered. You should not have mentioned that if it’s not an issue.


Regarding your concern,

Yes, Google Analytics and GTM are industry standards. No question about that as I am personally using them to track what I need. I also didn’t say that there is an issue with Google Analytics/GTM. And to be clear, neither does our Pro theme is having an issue. I’ll say this again.

The structure of the Classic and V2 Button Elements were explained in the threads I posted previously. If you haven’t done so yet, please read the threads below.


It doesn’t matter if you’re using Dynamic Content as it’s just part of the V2 Button HTML. If you haven’t set GTM to track the whole or a part of the V2 Button element, you cannot see what you want to see in GTM.


You said previously that GTM and the Classic Button works for you. Please use that if it’s hard for you to configure the V2 Button and GTM. You won’t have styling options but GTM will work out of the box because the Classic Button’s structure is very simple. It’s just a link as compared to the V2 Button which is complex (composed of layers of HTML). That complexity in structure is required to allow easy styling for users and add extra features to the element.

I understand this is frustrating but again, you need to learn how to use GTM. Our support covers showing you the structure of the Builder’s elements. You need to take that knowledge to configure GTM successfully and not the other way around. There is nothing to fix in Pro or the V2 Button element for this case.

Unless there’s something not mentioned in here and in the other threads I posted, please consider this response final about this topic.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your response.

Sorry for the confusion about Mentioning Google Tag Manager, however, @ruenel, first didn’t see I had Google Analytics on my page.

I have figured out a workaround for what I am looking for. I am changing the Click Text to be the same on all the pages and tracking the Page Title where the click comes from. I found the Page Title Variable here,

Thank you.

Hey @jmccarley,

We’re sorry about this:

And, we’re glad that you found an appropriate GTM setup for your case. Thanks for sharing.


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