Grey diagonal stripes

I’m running latest version of X 7.2, and cornerstone plugin updated.

Randomly started getting this on some of my screens:

And when I save (which is does), it gives an odd preview error.

Any idea why this is happening and what to do to fix it? If I click into any area, I can still see the elements there in cornerstone.


Hey Matt,

Please go to WP Admin > Settings > General and make sure that both of the URLs for Wordpress and Site address are in https.

Hope this helps.

They were both already set to https.

Hi Matt,

In that case, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the credentials. I think this is a conflict with Ultimate member plugin. I have checked 2 normal pages, FRONT PAGE and NEW HOME. Both are loading fine on Cornerstone builder. I can confirm the issue on Register page but this is tied to ULTIMATE MEMBER plugin. Can you release this page on that plugin setting and then try to edit it again? Let’s just confirm that it loads fine when it is is not set as UM page.

Deactivated, cleared WP cache and browser cache. Still occuring.

Hey @mmelton12,

Lely said to remove the Register page from being an Ultimate Member page.


You can’t edit that page as it looks like it does not have a content area. It also redirects to /mypath and that most probably adds up to the builder issue.


Please remove the page from Ultimate Member plugin and remove the redirect then test the Register page again.

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