Issue with Pro Child Theme

I have facing an issue which only happens in Pro Child Theme.

Hello @Mang,

Thanks for writing in! This sounds like a certain custom PHP code or customization in your child theme is causing the issue. We are not user which one is it yet though. To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role

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Thanks ruenel for your quick response. I have added the secure note.

Hello @Mang,

It appears that you are having issues with WC Vendors plugins. I also noticed that your child theme has been heavily modified to cater to the WC Vendors plugin. Please be advised that this is a 3rd party plugin. You may need to contact the creators of the plugin for further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks Ruenel.

Hi @Mang,

There might be a few different reasons for this issue, I would suggest you troubleshoot with a few of the common issues:

  1. CSS/JS Customization
  2. Testing for Plugin conflict
  3. Child Theme Issue

If you have not done yet, please activate the parent theme to check whether the issue is with the Child Theme or not.
If you find that the issue still exists after activating the Parent theme, please copy your site to the staging server]( so we could troubleshoot freely without breaking your live site.
And give us access in the secure note including:

– WordPress Site URL & Admin URL
– WordPress Admin username / password

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NOTE: If your existing server is the staging one, please confirm us to start the experiment on it. Please remember to take a backup of the files, if not taken yet.


Thank you Trisup.

The issue does not exist in parent theme. I switched to Pro Theme and the issue went away. So the issue seems to be with Pro Child Theme. I also tried commenting all the custom folder inside Pro-Chile theme but the issue persisted.
Adding my Dev server details in secure note. It is my Dev site, please feel free to experiment as you want.


Hi @Mang,

So, the issue does not exist with the Parent theme and only comes when the modified Child Theme active. Please remember that the Modified Child Theme issues are beyond the scope of our theme support.

I would suggest you troubleshoot the child theme by removing the code blocks step by step, or consult with any developer if you wish to.


Understand. Thank you for your support.


Glad that we could be of help.


Hi Nabeel,

We were able to find out why the issue was happening in Pro Child Theme.

Hi @Mang

I checked your website Dashboard there is a margin-top with -45vh value rendering on the popup because of that it is again behind the harder and you have increase the z-index value to display it.

To align the Popup just under the Header add this code in the X/Pro-->Theme Option -->CSS


The purpose of providing the custom CSS to show you how to add CSS code to your site. Writing custom CSS is outside the scope of our theme support. If you need more customization, you need to learn CSS and learn how to use the browser’s element inspector.

Hope it helps you.

Thanks Prakash but the CSS did not help. I also want to say that this issue does not happen in other themes, it only happens in Pro theme.

Hello @Mang,

Instead of adding custom CSS to change the z-index of the modal popup, you can change the z-index of the bar. We just have to figure out what is the default z-index of the modal so that we can lower the z-index of the bar. You need to use the Google Chrome Developer Toolbar to check the live HTML code and find the CSS selector and the styling of the modal popup.

Hope this makes sense.

Below is the z-index of the modal. Lowering the z-index does not help, increasing does, which is what we did but that is making the dropdown and the date picker popup not work.

.wcv-shade {
background: rgba(0,0,0,.8);
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
top: 0;
right: 0;
bottom: 0;
left: 0;
margin-top: 0;
position: fixed;
z-index: 1000;

Hello @Mang,

Where can I find this page so that I can investigate it further? To assist you with this issue, we’ll first need you to provide us with your URL. This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation. Once you have provided us with your URL, we will be happy to assist you with everything.

Thank you.

Please see this secure note.

Hello @Mang,

I went ahead and edited your header. I change the z-indexes of the bar settings.

Check your page now.

Thank you Ruenel.

Hi @Mang,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.