Header & Alerts now inheriting different styie although based on same template

Hi there,

This seems really odd to me and I’m sure its a mistake on my part, but I used some templates to style posts, and between one and another, using the same template, its formatted in a different style. One uses the template style that was provided from themeco, the other seems to have inherited a different style sheet and uses global heading fonts and spacing. Also the alert background colour seems to be yellow in the latest post, whereas they are all configured the same. Here’s a couple of snapshots. Thanks for any advice!


Hi Louisa,

Thank you for writing in, I’d like to check those posts you shared but I cant seem to access those posts, are those draft?

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

In the meantime, please check your problematic post for any unclosed HTML tag. You might have copied a content with the HTML markup on it and that broke the styling.


Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Hi Louisa,

Got it, that did take time, nevertheless, I’ve managed to found the issue it was a missing closing bracket ) on couple of your alert element’s text-shadow option.

Your post /cultural-narratives/ is back to normal now, and you can edit it normally.

Hope it helps,

Oh. you’re a genius. I would never have found that.

In behalf of @Friech, thank you.

In case you have another inquiry, please open a new thread.

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