WPML Language picker doesn't show the correct language Pro 4.1.5

After I updated to Pro 4.1.5 ( WPML version 4.3.4) the language picker in the right corner of the pro editor doesn’t load the corresponding language.

For example: If I chose one of the languages from frontend or backend and than go to ‘edit page with Pro’, the language picker still shows the global language.

Before the update (v.3.2.3) there was no problem with this everything worked okay.

Hey @BerkanSezer,

WPML 4.3.4 might not be compatible with the latest version of Pro anymore. I have WPML 4.4 in my test site and it works fine with the latest version of Pro. Please update WPML to 4.4 or higher as suggested by our Version Compatibility list here https://theme.co/docs/version-compatibility

Please always check for version compatibility and the rest of the troubleshooting steps listed below before reporting an issue to us as it give us an idea if the theme really is the issue.

  1. Testing For Theme Related Issue
  2. Testing For Plugin Conflict
  3. Theme Update
  4. Child Theme
  5. Css/Js Customization
  6. Increasing Php Memory Limit
  7. Disabling Cache
  8. Disabling Cdn
  9. Permalinks
  10. Version Compatibility


Hi @christian Thanks for the pointers!

I went trough all troubleshooting steps but still no luck. I updated WPML to 4.4.9 and still, when I try to edit a page in a given language, the language picker does not select the chosen language, it simply redirects to global.
Any idea why?

Hi @BerkanSezer.

Would you mind sharing your website credentials so we can confirm? To do that, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

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