Cornerstone/Xtheme: Buttons and banner background images dissappeared

Hey there,

I just visited my website in incognito mode ( and noticed that the top banner is gone.

When I scrolled down I also saw that the buttons (regular Cornerstone buttons) were blank.

Now, I have temporarily deleted the buttons and header background image from the homepage but you
can see the problem here:

I also attached screenshot.

Does anyone know how I could solve this?

Thank you for your time!

Hey @Fred1985,

Are your images coming from another site (not your domain). If so, please host the images on your site.

Please also temporarily deactivate all third-party plugins. This will quickly tell you if a third-party plugin is removing images on your site.

Only if you’ve tried those suggestions and if they don’t help, please provide us with WordPress Admin credentials in a Secure Note so we could take a close look at your setup.


Hey Christian,

Thank you for your fast reply. The images are all hosted on my site. Nothig is external.

I just deactivated all plugins and visited the website in incognito mode (Chrome). Unfortunately, the issue still remains.

Ill send the logins, thank you!

Hey @Fred1985,

I’m sorry for the back and forth here. I previously forgot to tell you that it could also be a result of version incompatibility between the old version of X and the latest version of Cornerstone.

I updated X and your background is back now.

Please remember to update both X and Cornerstone as they come in pairs. You can see the versions in our Changelog or our Version Compatibility list.

Hope that helps.

Awesome, very happy with this. Thanks so much!

Hi Fred,

You’re most welcome! Glad we could help you out with this.

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