Using shortcodes in alert

I am trying to create an alert using shortcodes to display information. I have the alert built in to my header.

The output is appearing like this:
[swpm_protected not_for=“2-3-6-7-9-10” do_not_show_protected_msg=“1”]
[cs_gb id=15583][cs_gb id=15585][/swpm_protected]

You can see it on this page


Hello @KMCHTX,

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When inserting a shortcode in the Alert element, make sure that you are in the code editor.

If nothing is helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
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Thanks for taking a look. Can you also let me know about the video player? There are two issues when it displays

  1. It fills only 1 cell instead of stretching to fill the empty space
  2. The buttons on the right don’t display with gaps

On the back end, it looks how I want, but on the front end, it is funny.

Hello @KMCHTX,

When using the Video element, please make sure that your Content Sizing is in Aspect Ratio. You can find this in Video > Frame tab.

To learn more about the Video element, check this out:

It was set up like that. Sadly. The video player is inside a grid cell layout. This is necessary for the buttons to function responsively. But, they have something to be desired as well since the gaps are not appearing.


You did not configure that cell to take up 3fr on XL layout, so it falls back to the default 1fr which what you’re seeing now.

Please see your Large layout for reference.

Note: that depends on your screen resolution the layout that you might see on your preview is the layout of Large screen instead of the layout of XL, that is because of the panel on the left-side taking some of the width of the screen.

You did not set a bottom margin on those buttons, their current gaps rely on the remaining space of the Cell, which at some point becomes 0. Please set the bottom margin on your button elements.

Hope it helps,

I really appreciate y’all. Such a powerful theme and great support.

I apologize for putting two issues in one thread, but can you also help with the alert bar not showing the shortcode?

Hello @KMCHTX,

We have investigated further and we have found out that this is related to a bug in the element content. We’ve submitted this to our issue tracker so the developers will be made aware of it. For the time being, please make use of the raw content element and not the alert box while we are fixing this bug.

Please bear with us.

This is a bug related to this:

Of course. Will this be addressed in a theme update or should I watch this thread for an update?


This will be addressed in a theme update, You can keep up with the latest releases and what has been updated/changed/fixed here and here

Hope this helps!

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