How to hide post tags in wordpress

iam converting all page in valampuri resort to post, now i have another problem tags appear on footer,

advise provide in this tread does not work

Hello @valampuri,

I am not sure of the objective in doing so. One thing to remember is that Pages are meant to be static “one-off” type content such as your about page, privacy policy, legal disclaimers, etc. Posts are content entries listed in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. Due to their reverse chronological order, your posts are meant to be timely. Older posts are archived based on month and year. As the post gets older, the deeper the user has to dig to find it. You have the option to organize your posts based on categories and tags.

Please decide where you will post your information before we modify any other thing. Incorrect usage of Pages and Posts along with the modifications could lead to issues and conflicts in the future. It is better that we try to avoid such cases beforehand.

Hope this make sense.

i would like to hide tags from post,

Hello @valampuri,

Please add this code in X > Theme Options > CSS:

.single .entry-footer {
    display: none;

Hope this helps.

does not work

Hi @valampuri,

I have checked the site attached to the license in your account but I am not seeing the code added to the Global CSS. If you have added it correctly and you are not seeing any changes, try updating the code to:

.single-post .entry-footer {
    display: none !important;

In case the code still does not work, there might be an issue with the CSS code that you have in the Global CSS such as some CSS syntax error that is stopping the CSS code you are adding to work as expected.

To verify that, please copy all the codes that are in the Global CSS and paste it here.

It should provide some information if there are any CSS error that is causing the issue that you have to fix so that the CSS codes will work.

If you are still not able to get it sorted, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

dont work still

Hello Renukanth,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Have you removed the login details from the thread? In first message I see login related information but upon toggling, I don’t see the credentials. Please share the details in secure note for us to take a more closer look.


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