Edit with pro php error appearing for new pages only

Hey team

I am getting the php error that prevents the iframe from loading. The thing is, it only happens when I create a new page.

How can I resolve this?

Hello @KMCHTX,
Thanks for writing to us,
Please provide more details about which type of “Iframe” you are trying to embed or are you getting PHP error in builder preview iframe. Please let us know that we can help you.

To better help you, please give us the following information in a Secure Note so that we can debug the issue properly.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


Thanks Peter. I added the note above.

Hello @KMCHTX,

I could not replicate the issue.


Can you please provide the page where we can find this error? And what error it displays?

Thank you in advance.

Event though you created one that worked, the one I created didn’t.

And then I did create one that worked.

It seems there is a bug. 15614 was created using the new page feature. I then chose to edit pro. That gave the error.

I was successful using this sequence: Pro > Content > +

Perhaps it is a bug? Maybe it is a plugin conflict. I am leaving the pages in place for you to review. Can you let me know when you are done? I will wait to delete them.

I am satisfied with retraining myself to use the sequence that works. I just want y’all to have the chance to review your code, etc.

Cheers @ruenel


I notice the issue is only happening if the page is draft. This page started to work after I published it. I remember I kind of encountered this same issue before, it has something to do with security feature.

Yes, it could be a plugin conflict too, please do a Testing for Plugin Conflict.

I also notice your site is under Cloudflare, please log in to your Cloudflare dashboard and Purge All cache. Actually, please clear all the caching and optimizer features on your site.

Hope it helps,

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