Number of posts in List/Minimal/Tiles

Question about the number of posts.
In Wordpress -> Settings -> Reading
I’ve set it to 10 messages max.

However it shows only 3 blogs max in Tiles mode
and 5 blogs max in Minimal mode.

See here:

Who can help me?
Thanks in advance!

Hello Martijn,

Thanks for writing in! Please edit your page and click the row of the posts. You need to find the “Customize” tab in the row settings.

The “Customize” is where you can find the Loop Provider setting wherein the display output is limited to 3 only.
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 6.00.25 AM

If you want to display all the 10 items, you can use the “Default”.
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 6.00.36 AM

For more details, please check out this video demonstration:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.
I see the option Customize but nothing happens when I click it.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hey Martijn,

In that case please get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post so we can take a closer look at your settings.


Hi @nabeel, I’ve added the secure note.


Hello Martijn,

As it turns out, the advanced mode is disabled. You need to turn ON the Advanced Mode by going to the Settings > Preferences > Advanced Mode

This should be it:

Best Regards.

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