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Hi, after updating cornerstone I do have some problems with some features like the “button”. Following notice is appearing:

I can not see the text “Mehr zu mir”, which is a link to the next page

Can you advice how to solve the appearing notice and why the “mehr zu mir” is not shown?
Thank you

Hello Güldem,

Thanks for writing in!

I see you are using X Theme 6.5.6 and latest version of Cornerstone (4.0.4) which is incompatible. Please update X Theme to latest version 7.0.4 to avoid any compatibility issues.

You can refer following resources to update X Theme:


Hi Prasant,
thank you for your support! I updated my X theme and the notice disappeared.
Unfortunately, the text “mehr zu mir” which should be seen in the button does not appear. I tried several different settings.

In the yellow surrounded button the text should appear.

Hey Güldem,

Your site is in coming-soon mode so we could not investigate. Please give us the following in a Secure Note

  1. WordPress Login URL
  2. Admin Level Username and Password
  3. Page URL if the issue is not in your home page


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