How to Insert Image/Contect in Classic Slider


I am trying to use “Classic Slider”, but I am just stuck how can I add image or text after adding Classic Slider element. It is because I got one plane image in web page which display 12200 x 600. I suppose that there should be a way to replace the default image. I saw many option there like Animation, Animated Speed, Slideshow etc. but could not found a way to insert my image/content. I feel that I am missing something, please guide.

One more question is Slier Revolution plug in is free for X theme, or I have buy in case I need to use this premium…


Hello Abdul,

Thanks for writing in! With the Classic Slider, you will have the Slides option where you can add/remove a slide.
Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 7.17.01 AM

Click the “search” icon to inspect each of the slides. This is where you can change the slide title and insert a text or an image.

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Thanks Ruenel…

So this is website URL… How if I like to add an image from my Wordpress Media library where I am building my website. because I tried to use my practice website ur link, but it is not working…

Hello Abdul,

To insert an image, kindly do the following:

1.) Edit the slide.

2.) Hover over the Content and then click to edit.

3.) You will have the HTML editor.
Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 8.46.00 AM

4.) Click the “T” or the Rich Text editor and you’ll find the image icon to insert the image.

5.) Once you click the image icon, the Image Media Gallery will display for you to select an image.

Hope this helps.

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