Cornerstone looks fine but web page is messed up

Hey there we have been using x-theme for 3 years and its been great.
Just the other day this happened.
I’m no expert and built the site with no prior knowledge of how to build a site.
But basically the first image shows what is appearing to the public.
second image is how it looks in cornerstone
not happening anywhere else so a bit confused.
The messed up page broken fonts get larger as you scroll down

Thanks in advance

Hello @EuropeanFA,

Thanks for writing in!

Can you please share the exact page URL as I am unable to find the same on the website. Further checking the website on some pages I did noticed font to be larger than usual. Inspecting the page in dev tools I noticed that use of H3 tags instead of P tags and that’s the reason why there’s a variance in font size.

Please check the source of the text element and make sure that you are not using Heading to in place where paragraph tag were supposed to be used.

Having said that please share the exact page url and we will guide you in right direction to resolve the problem.


Thanks will take a look at that.
We do use bigger font sizes on the pages for example
H5 and H3 for various pages depending on the page needs.
Will using these cause the problems though?
We use it on other pages with no issues whats so ever such as below.

Hi Jason,

The layout issue is most likely caused by HTML tags used on the page that are not properly closed or paired.

For example, if you used a <span> tag on the page, there should be a corresponding closing </span>.

So kindly go over the contents on the page and make sure that there is not stray HTML tags.

If you are still not able to fix the layout issue, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

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