Post data appearing to the right

How can I get the post data appearing underneath the pic in full with mode

Hi @VelocityWeb,

Would you please kindly get back to us with the URL of the page in question? You have many websites set on your licenses page and I am not sure which website you are talking about.

Thank you.

sorry forgot :thinking:

Hi @VelocityWeb,

Thank you for the URL, please add this to Theme Options > CSS

.single-x-portfolio .entry-featured,
.single-x-portfolio .entry-wrap {
float: none;
width: 100%;
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 0;

Please keep in mind that this is now in the realm of customization, further customization request from here will not be supported.

You can find the proper CSS code selector using the Chrome browser Developer Toolbar
For the CSS code itself, I suggest that you get started with this tutorial


Hi that didn’t work. Are you saying that the format is meant look like this for posts/portfolio in Ethos??

Hi @VelocityWeb,

Sorry, I thought you meant a fullwidth featured image and the content area underneath, my bad :slightly_smiling_face:


That green space area above the Headline is the Section’s top padding, so you can easily get rid of that in the builder.

That highlighted area on the sides is because of the ROW’s Global Container, please inspect your ROW and turn that OFF.

Now this; Is this a 2 Columns Layout before?

To resolve this, please inspect your ROW and set the Layout to 1 Column. Please do it on Large, X-Large, and Medium screen layout.

Hope it helps,

i still have it on the side rather than underneath

Hello @VelocityWeb,

I have inspected the page and I could not locate the code on the page or in your child theme’s style.css.
Please add it back again so that we can test. We have tested the code and it is working on our end. Perhaps, you may have added it incorrectly or place somewhere else.


I have switched to another ICON

I would like the text the same width as the picture

is not matching

There is something odd going on. I cant seem to control everything and things are not updating.

Feel like giving up on X and starting with another theme

This started out as demo content on x that I bought into xpro. I have deleted all the CSS and started again but there may be some other stuff hidden in some of the content that is wrecking this website. WHy is there no demo content in XPro. I am going to change to something that does if there is not something available soon

This page has 2 problems.

1 the first paragraph is going in its column(as above)

2 this photo won’t change

I have a deadline. I need this sorted :disappointed_relieved:

Hey @VelocityWeb,

Regarding this problem:

There are 2 things to affecting that.

1. Icon Stack’s Entry Content Padding. By design, Icon has 10% of Content side paddings. It can only be overridden using CSS. The Entry Content has a class of entry-content so you can target that like this:

.entry-content {
    padding: 0;

To avoid using custom CSS, I’d recommend you use the Renew Stack as it has no Entry Content padding.

In the future, using the planned Layout Builder, you might be able to build your own single custom post type display so changing of stacks won’t be necessary.

2. You’re still using 2 Columns. Friech mentioned previously to check your Row settings. Don’t forget to check the setting for all screen sizes. I’d recommend you watch a quick usage demo of the New Row Layout system on our Youtube Channel.

For this issue -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Contrary to the portfolio item issue, set your Row to 3 columns and resize each column width for custom fit. Again, do not forget to set all screen sizes.

Regarding your concern -------------------------------------------------------------

We still have demos. [quote=“Themeco, post:1, topic:66681”]
Our former Expanded Demos are now called Sites and are included as part of Design Cloud. Importing a Site from Design Cloud works just like installing an Expanded Demo previously.

We have retired Standard Demos, although we will taking a select few of those designs and making new Sites from them.

And, for this ---------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Answered above
  2. We need access to your site. But, please open this up in a separate thread because if we get confused, you will wait longer for a reply or worst, we misunderstand the problem and go back and forth.


Lastly, please do not bump your thread. This is only for your own good.

Hope that helps.

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