Buddypress Page Conflict (sidebar missing)


Something is going on with this page: https://dreamscollective.com/projects/

The sidebar is missing and the page attributes are not working. Everything works in the X theme customizer but breaks during live viewing of the page. I am using a plugin that works on the default wordpress theme but is not playing well. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @dreamcatch22,

We would first like to know if there are no third party factors that is causing the issue. With that said, please:

1. Update to the latest version of X and Cornerstone. I see X 6.5.3 and Cornerstone 3.5.3 are used in your site. You can see the latest versions in our Changelog. Please also follow the best practices in updating themes and plugins.

2. I see you’re using a child theme, please switch to the parent theme.
3. Deactivate all third party plugins except the one that you mentioned.

4. Give us WordPress Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note

Please also note that we do not have support for third party plugins. What we’ll do is check if our products are causing the issue and gather information for our developers. We might provide some guidance or fix but just note that it’s not a guarantee.


I have done everything you have asked but still no luck. I have attached a secure note with more information and credentials.

Hello @dreamcatch22,

Thank you for providing the information. I have checked your settings and it appears that the Projects page is using a default template. The page were assigned as the projects page for BuddyPress as well. There is no sidebar because you are using “TaskBreaker – Group Project Management” and this plugin uses it’s own template that does not incorporate the X theme layout. You will need to contact the creators of the plugin and ask them how to modify their template so that you can have it integrated in the X child theme to make it work.

Please let us know how it goes.

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