X theme extensions not working + blog page Integrity

  1. I bought an X theme with a lot of extensions. Now, some of those extensions doesn’t work (my first try failed, so I had to move my site before installing everything correctly) and says I have to buy them. I’ve had this theme once before and everything worked fine, so I’m frustrated. Why doesn’t it work right? It says I have to activate the plug ins, but with what? My purchase code from X-Theme doesn’t work?! I don’t want to buy even more, when it was supposed to be included when I bought it?

  2. Another problem is that I disabled the page title (like I do on every page, but it still shows up. No idea why!?

My page will be moved to it’s permanent address (currently the old site is on it, but my new will have to go up on that address eventually), so then I guess I’ll have even more problems with the plug ins then?

Thanx :slight_smile:

Hi Linn,

  1. You do not need to validate the extensions that you installed using X > Validation menu. The way that it works is we have the original files of the plugin and share it with you via the X > Validation menu. You can use the plugins as long as you use the X theme without registering the plugin.
  2. That is something that we need to check. Usually, it is caused by a cache plugin or cache system that does not reflect the changes of the admin in the front end. I tried to access your website but it needs password to see the front end. Please kindly give us the user/pass of the front end and the admin user/pass using a Secure Note and also give us the details on how you try to remove the title to see if you follow the correct instructions.

Please kindly make sure that you have the latest version of the X theme and the Cornerstone plugin version is compatible. Kindly follow the steps mentioned here to update the theme and Cornerstone plugin.

Thank you.

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