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I’ve got various header menus set up depending on the device, but I’m having some difficulty with two items.

Scrolling Navigation Inline
Watched a YouTube tutorial that indicated you could edit a field to be able to scroll left and right. Would love to set this up for my navigation menu to the far right in my header. But cannot seem to achieve this effect.

Navigation Collapsed showing on Medium Devices
I’ve got my iPad that I’m using to test and when it is in landscape mode I don’t see the Navigation Collapsed feature available.

Can you please review site and advise on the two issues above?

Thank you.

Hello Kimberly,

Thanks for writing in! The navigation inline is not showing up in Medium screens.

Your navigation collapsed element is also hidden in Medium screens.

The iPad’s landscape mode is included in the medium screen size. Please disable it instead.

Hope this helps.

I’ve disabled that and it is now showing. Unfortunately the main navigation links are not working only the sublinks when the navigation is collapsed. How do I make the main links (Residential & Commerical) work as well as the sublinks?

Also, my original question of how to make the main menu scroll on smaller devices was not answered can you please advise.

Thank you!

Hello Kimberly,

For the Navigation

It seems that you have set the wrong animation setting. You have set the opacity as “0” on the exit. I want ahead and set the animation settings. Go to Header —>Navigation Inline —>Effects.
Please have a look at the given screenshot below.

You can set a link to the parent menu item of the sub-menu but in that case, on the click that item it will load the page with the link.

As it reloads the page it will not show the sub-menu, this is only happening in the Hamburger menu as you need to click or tap to open up the submenus, whereas it works fine in inline navigation where the submenu appears on hover event.


Unfortunately, the change you made now makes the parent menu cease to work. You can’t click on the links or the sub links. Can you please revert back to the way it was?

Also, this still doesn’t resolve my issue on the Hamburger menu of being able to click the Parent Page. Want to have the option for them to click on the Parent Page or the Sub Pages.

Hello Kimberly,

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Best Regards.

Will resend link. Would greatly appreciate your assistance on this as the site is now live.

Hello Kimberly,

Please set your Desktop Bar height to auto so that the submenus will display.

You can add some padding if needed.

Perfect that did the trick, thank you so much!

One other item that is not working as I think it should on this menu section. On the Main-CA Header, I’ve put the margin sides to 20px in the Desktop Container to allow for a little space on both the left and right side. When viewing in Cornerstone it looks great, but those changes don’t seem to be cascading to my real menu. What step am I missing or is another setting overriding this?

Just to clarify this is under the Dimensions setting as shown in your screen shot above.

Hello Kimberly,

The 20-pixel space is only visible on the left side of your bar. On the right, it is not because the width of your container isn’t enough. You should enable the “Content Scrolling” option which at the moment is not present in your bar settings.

You can check this video demo as well:

You may need to reinstall your Pro theme because at the moment the option is not displaying. Please check out this guide to know how you can reinstall the Pro theme.

I went through the steps you listed to re-download the Pro Theme again since that option is not displaying. Reinstalled it and cleared my cache and still no option for Content Scrolling.

Any other suggestions to get that feature?

Hi Kimberly,

In order for you to see the Content Scrolling option, you need to define some height in the Dimension sections, please check the example below.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thank you, that step did the trick! I can now see the content scrolling option.

Hi Kimberly,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

Thanks Marc. Sorry one more issue this is occurring on the main site (AZ) and not my CA site. There is a strange white line that appears on the desktop header below the desktop top bar and stays there when scrolling.

Where is this line coming from and how can I remove it. Don’t believe it’s part of the extra space feature.

Hi Kimberly,

I suspect that it is just a cache on your main site because when I check your website, I don’t see the white line ( see secure note). I suggest that you clear your browser cache and any 3rd party plugin cache on your website.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thanks I am having some cache issues, believe it is on the hosting side. Thank you for confirming this doesn’t show up.

You’re welcome.

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