{{dc:term:name}} not outputting CPT taxonomy

I’m sure this has worked before on other sites, but when I use {{dc:term:name}} with a custom post type with custom taxonomies, it’s not pulling through.
Have tried on archive/single layouts for 2 different post types.
Is there anything specific that needs to be done for custom post types?

Hello @RubberDuckers,

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Sure thing, attaching the details now.

Hello @RubberDuckers,

Before you can use the {{dc:term:name}} dynamic content, you need to run a Looper Provider/Consumer first. It is best that you use the Terms element and then modify the Looper Provider from “All Terms” into “Current terms” then select which taxonomy you would want to display which in your case, you will need to select “Riello UPS Types”.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

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