Header Builder is only loading Posts

Our Header Builder is only loading posts in the right hand column “tray” where users can select which page/post to apply a header to.

We are using Pro 1.11.1. Yes I know we should upgrade but the 3rd party developer that set the company site up with this theme has apparently never heard of “best practices” or “child themes”. I am shooting for upgrading our Pro theme by end of Summer. We are a small non-profit and I am busy maintaining a custom plugin that we basically use as a CRM to run the business.

I’d risk making a clone of the site and applying the latest Pro release - it’s light years ahead. Most of my sites have survived the various upgrades for nearly 2 years, which says something good about Pro.

Our site has been “heavily customized” as the lead dude at the 3rd party that put our site together indicated. But your suggestion is a good idea and for that I thank you.

Hey Brock,

Thanks for writing in. Regretfully, I’m not sure what that issue is but we need you to upgrade to the latest version and make sure that there’s no plugin conflict in order for us to investigate the issue.

Once you’ve upgraded to the latest version and tested for a plugin conflict give us the following info in a Secure Note

  • Screenshot of the issue
  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password


Hi Brock,

Thanks for the URL, your live site and staging site seems to be identical, I don’t see difference besides the social media icon link (staging more rounded) on the top bar.

Is the issue has something to do with custom functionality? Please clarify.


It’s been fixed. Y’all make good theme.

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