X doesn't load properly, and Cornerstone neither after Wordpress update

We updated wordpress today to 4.7.2, and now:
The X Addons page shows everything in one line, and buttons don’t work
Cornerstone buttons create a plain HTML dump

Something seriously going wrong, but no idea where to start looking?
Also, Revolution Slider completely disappeared and can’t be re-added… it looks like that has been removed from the theme altogether? What am I supposed to do now? Remake all the slides again?

Hi Tom,

Kindly double check the version of X and Cornerstone installed on the site. If one of them is updated to the latest version and the other isn’t, that will cause an incompatibility issue.

The latest version are:

Here is a link for a details information on how to do an update:

Please remember to clear all caches when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors or any unexpected display issue on the site.

please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Hi there, both are the latest version, and no caching plugin is used.

I updated to the latest version of X manually with a new theme upload, and the X page now works, but cornerstone is still broken. I remade the sliders with LayerSlider WP. that was a lot of work but I didn’t see a way around this. Would really appreciate these things being announced as a warning before an update though…

So, cornerstone is the one thing that really doesn’t work, and as you know, it renders the editing of the site impossible.

I’ll attach login info in the secure note. Thanks.

Hey Tom,

I checked the Validation or the addons page and it shows up fine.

I checked the Theme Options and that’s what’s broken. That is also the case also for Cornerstone. The solution to this is to update WordPress to the latest version. The current version of themes and plugins generally coincides with the major release of WordPress and that is WordPress 5.0. WP 4.7.2 is old. The current WP version is 5.2.3.

Please update WordPress to the latest version. If you don’t see an update notification, try clicking the Check Again button in the Updates page.

If the issue persists after updating WordPress, please give us FTP access also.

Hope that helps.

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