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Hi there. I’ve built an archive page in the layout builder with several categories and corresponding links on my website to these pages/categories. How do I get a status message like “There are currently no items in this category / on this page” to appear instead of a blank page? Thank you!

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Please create another custom layout that should be assigned to the search results page.

And in your custom layout, you can insert a text element that will display “There are currently no items in this category / on this page”. In the element, you can add the condition below so that it will only display when there are no items found:

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Hi, sorry for the late reply.
I already have a layout for the search results with these assignments - search results : is being viewed. (But for the default search result page) And that was actually exactly what I did before writing this post. A costume layout search results page with a special text element and corresponding condition. So exactly what you also described above. But that doesn’t work and I thought I made a mistake or I forgot something. Or do I really have to setup a 2nd layout with the same assignments (search results : is being viewed) just to display a “Not found” text?
Thank you.

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Hey @ronaldo304,

Regretfully, we don’t have a condition for “no search results”. But, WordPress has a class called search-no-results and it’s being applied to the custom Search layout when there’s no search result.

You can use it like the following Element CSS and your text element or any element will disappear by default then show up when there’s no search result.

$el {
  display: none;
.search-no-results $el {
  display: block;


Just note that we do not provide custom codes as part of our theme support. What I’ve provided is just a guide to show you that our builder has Code Editors so you can extend the styles if there’s no option.

Hope that helps.

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