Accordion font styling

Hi there,

I want my accordion font colour (both header and expanded content) to match the content on the rest of my site - can you tell me how to do this?


Hey Lucy,

If you’re using a Classic Accordion element, your need to set the Heading and Body color in Theme Options > Typography. There is no separate styling control for Classic elements.

If you’re using the Accordion element, you can set the Text Color of the Accordion Header under Accordion > Header > Header Text Style

If you wish to use that setting for all your accordions, just remember that there’s an Element Default feature. For more details, please see the documentation of our Template Manager at Template Manager

Hope that helps.

I can’t see those options at all. I have advanced options switched on…

Hi Lucy,

If you are using the v2 Accordion element, you should be able to see these options but if you are using the Classic Accordion element, these options are not available.

If you are using the v2 Accordion element but you are not seeing these options even if the Advance Mode is enabled, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Have sent in a secure note

Hi Lucy,

Should be fixed now with this Settings. From Topbar change to Inline. Please try again.

I can see the issue. I tried to reset permissions on X > Settigns and still the same. Sometimes, page doesn’t load right away and I am seeing Preview Timeout. Can you try first updating to the latest version. See it here. For guidance on updating, check this.. Then please make sure memory is enough to run your site. Check after update. If the issue persists, can you share also share FTP credentials? Thank you.

Many thanks!

You’re most welcome!

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