WooCommerce Shop Page displaying weird

Hello, I use the Themeco Pro theme which is my favorite theme on about 10 WordPress WooCommerce sites. The Pro theme is my favorite theme and I am hoping you can find an easy solution for this.

What is happening is that the WooCommerce Shop page formating gets all weird when I designate it as the shop page.

Here are two examples - Should appear like this: https://subtleimpressions.com/brewery-supply-store/

Actually appears like this: https://subtleimpressions.com/shop/

I requested support from WooCommerce and they indicate it is a theme issue. They indicate there is a lot of extra css being applied to that page and it is causing the WooCommerce Shop page formatting to have a problem.

Is there a solution for this? I believe this is happening on most or all of the sites where I use either the X or Pro theme plus WooCommerce. This has been happening for years and I just thought that is how WooCommerce formats the shop page and have been trying to not use the shop page. It is important to have a shop page and only now am I finding out that WooCommerce has a Shop page that typically displays very nicely. It is only my shop pages which are messed up.

I am sure someone has seen this happen before and I am hopeful for an easy way to fix this.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for writing in. I see that you are still using the previous version of pro, there’s a new release, you can read all about it here https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/release-notes-pro-3-0-x-7-0-cornerstone-4-0/64267.

I would recommend you to update it first but make sure to have a backup of your site before updating. And if the issue is still there after updating, we will need a login credentials in a secure note to your site, so that we can investigate further.


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