Menu does not slide to correct place

Hi, I have a problem with navigation to do a slide on click to a specific section with the ID on it. It goes too far.
link to my website with 3 sections. The menu just goes too far and hides the name of the section.

Hi Arturas,

Thanks for writing in! Upon checking your site, I could not identify the issue that you have specify. Third level of your sub-menus are expanding to the left, because there is no room in the right side.

Could you please add more information about your issue and what you expect to achieve, so that should be able to assist you further.


Oh, i’m sorry the problem is with sticky header (I think). When any choice from the sub-menu is selected it should slide to specific section with the id. The problem is it goes too far and the name of the section gets covered.

Hi Arturas,

I notice that you added the ID to the headline too, IDs supposed to be unique for each element (no element with same IDs in one page)

Please remove the IDs on your headline and leave only the IDs that is on the section.

Hope it helps,

Oh that’s embarrassing :slight_smile: will try to do that and if it works will let you know

Yes, if the issue persists please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Ok I removed the unnecessary ID but it’s still broken.

Hi @Arturasdaug,

The sticky header is overlap the section title now.

Please try with this solution instead:

Let us know how it goes!

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